Fresh Frames: 10 New Sunglasses For Women

Symmetry, mystery and glamour. These are the reasons we always find people wearing sunglasses more attractive. A recent article on New York magazine’s blog, The Science of Us, recently explored this phenomenon just in time for a fresh crop of unique and reimagined shades we’re craving for summer.

Retro-inspired round sunglasses—think Penny Lane in “Almost Famous—have been glammed up with reflective shades and oversized frames thanks to Cutler and Gross, while Tod’s has us craving pretty pastel lenses like lavender.

If you’re keen on a pair of sunglasses that also serve as a conversation piece, turn to cult favorite desinger Anna Karin Karlsson. Her whimsical and wild designs are embellished with floral details and crystals. One pair gives a whole new meaning to “cat eye.” Equally eye-catching are Fendi’s nearly frameless blue shades that have a futuristic feel, and Dolce & Gabbana’s soon-to-be-iconic filligree sunglasses.

Whether you’re trying to cultivate mystery or elevate your summer wardrobe, don’t fall back on your classic aviators and wayfarers this season. Step outside the box (or frame, as it were) and try one of these 10 enticing new styles.